Sovereign Plaza has been around since 2012 as the first strata title office building on Jalan T.B. Simatupang, South Jakarta. Sovereign Plaza is an office building with a strategic location in the south of Jakarta. With adequate internal and external supporting facilities.

We build a global community. Created as an environment where people and companies come together and do their best work. We have grown to be a global workplace provider committed to providing flexible solutions, inspiring spaces, focused on safety, and an unrivaled community experience. Today, we’re constantly reimagining how the workplace can help everyone, from freelancers to working professionals, be more motivated, productive, and happy — because that’s how tomorrow works.

We also help forward-thinking companies and give employees the flexibility they want by providing space for employees to meet face-to-face and collaborate, meet clients, and build people-to-people relationships to ultimately focus their energy and resources on what they do best — their core business.



A decade of expertise



Happy Tenants


To become the best and most trusted national property company, which is recognized as having the ability and excellence in carrying out innovation and business creativity.


  • To be at the forefront and best through service excellence as an effort to maintain tenant satisfaction as a form of service and company priority.
  • To become a property business as a profitable investment platform for business people and the business world.
  • Managing Human Resources is an important asset/component as the main support and implementer of managerial and operational activities in the company.




PT. Garama Dhanalaksmi is the owner and developer of the Sovereign Plaza building, a company engaged in property development. Growing and growing rapidly to become one of the property companies that has a good reputation in the field of office leases with complete facilities and services.
The Sovereign Plaza building was completed in 2012 by a leading contractor PT. Total Persada Tbk.

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